TAC-4 (Tactical Advanced Computer 4):
Another Program ETI Units Support

HP. was awarded the Navy's tactical computer contract for the Tactical Advanced Computer- 4 (TAC-4). The contract calls for the contractor to infuse newer technology into older computer systems. The contractor will use commercially available computers and integrate them into existing computers within the Navy's requirements. TAC-4 has built upon the older framework of TAC-3 and other programs.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-1237
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-1237AA
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-1252,
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-2238
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-2239
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-2250
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-2250AB
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-1437
TAC-4 US Navy ETI0001-1438
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