NTCS-A (Navy Tactical Command System Afloat):
Another Program ETI Units Support

PD-60 directed that the afloat software be abstracted into a common "core" set of software that could be used throughout the PD-60 afloat community as a basis for all of their systems. This effort led to a set of common software called GOTS (Government Off-The-Shelf) version 1.1.

PD-60 next directed that this approach be extended to include not only the afloat community, but the ashore community as well so that both communities would share the same common set of software to reduce development costs and ensure interoperability. This effort resulted in a collection of software commonly referred to as the Unified Build (UB) version 2.0 and also referred to as GOTS 2.0. This software is now deployed both afloat, in a system called NTCS-A (Navy Tactical Command System - Afloat), and ashore, in a system referred to as OSS (Operations Support System) or NCCS-A (Navy Command and Control System - Ashore). The strength of these two systems is that they are built on top of a common set of functions so that advancements and improvements in one area are immediately translatable to advancements and improvements in the other area. The Unified Build software is presently the basis for numerous other efforts including systems for the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and increasingly, for the Joint community.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

NTCS-A US Navy ETI0001-1004
NTCS-A US Navy ETI0001-1005
NTCS-A US Navy ETI0001-1005AB
NTCS-A US Navy ETI0001-1008
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