BGPHES (Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System):
Another Program ETI Units Support

Dynamic naval operations require an ever increasing amount of command and control connectivity, intelligence collection, tactical support information and sensor data. The BGPHES tactical Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) system is designed to exploit electromagnetic emissions emanating from hostile or potentially hostile forces operating beyond the intercept range of the Battle Group (BG). It accomplishes the over-the-horizon intelligence mission by use of air sensor assets tethered to surface ship components via data link. It fulfills selected information requirements of a BG, including combat surveillance, indications and warnings, airborne early warning, intelligence information, Communications Warfare Support Measures, and Counter-Communications, Command and Control (C3). BGPHES also supports Navy C3 initiatives to: gain real time access to sensor systems, exercise direct tactical control of those systems, and distribute the resulting information to the command and control and combat direction systems supporting tactical combat operations.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

BGPHES US Navy ETI0001-1008



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